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                                    ABOUT BRUVEG


bruveg.com (Sobha Agency ) is online fruits & vegetables store. where you can get Fresh Fruits & Vegetables.Here you Find The best quality product With Lowest prices.Now we are deliverd a standard Delivery between 7:00 A.M TO 9:30 A.M to your doorstep.&  recently We are going to add all grocery products.Now we are Opprete Angul,Jindal You Can Pay Credit card/debit card/mobile wallet/cash on delivery.


                   Why Should I use bruveg.com?

bruveg.com allow you to leave the drudgery shoping & welcome you to relax & easy way to get your daily needs to your doorstep. No need to stuck in trafic jams & no need to carry heavy bag.So when you get  everyting  at your doorstep with bruveg.com then why go outside.

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